Barry University Traditional Fall 2012

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    Has anyone applied or been accepted to Barry University for this fall? I was conditionally accepted (I have to take a theology course), and I'm looking to meet potential fellow classmates!

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    Hi, what was your gpa for Barry?
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    I have been accepted for Fall 2012.
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    Quote from Moni1033
    Hi, what was your gpa for Barry?
    I had a 3.2 (from a really good university) which is the minimum.
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    Hey guys,

    Are we required to take an entrance test?
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    I haven't found out yet =( I'm meeting with my advisor in a few weeks. I'll let you know as soon as I find out!
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    Has anyone else applied to Barry University for this fall?
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    You have to take an English assessment test, which includes grammar, reading comprehension, and writing a short essay.
    If you don't pass, it doesn't mean you don't get in. You just have to take a remedial course or something like that.
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    i've been accepted to barry for the fall where are you from?
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    Hey! thats great! I'm originally from NJ but have been living in Boston for 6 years. Florida is gonna be a big change! How about you?

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