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Has anyone applied or been accepted to Barry University for this fall? I was conditionally accepted (I have to take a theology course), and I'm looking to meet potential fellow classmates!... Read More

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    I am currently applying to the accelerated program at Barry!!! Anybody else??

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    Quote from Juniper248
    Hey! thats great! I'm originally from NJ but have been living in Boston for 6 years. Florida is gonna be a big change! How about you?
    I'm from NY (upstate) but I moved to florida a little over a year ago. It's different.... But you get used to it.
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    I am applying to Barry (the school), if I get accepted I will apply to the program.

    How long did you guys wait to get accepted to the program???
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    you should find out within a few weeks whether you get accepted!
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    I've recently been accepted into the BSN program for Fall 2012. I'm picking my classes this upcoming Monday too. Can't wait to start!
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    Hello. For those of you that have been accepted, what was your gpa and when do the fall classes start? Also, is there a deadline to apply?
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    Minimum GPA is 3.2. Fall classes start Aug 27th.
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    if you are a transfer student. do you still have to take a theology course???
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    Hello I previously attended Broward College I am thinking about attending Barry for January 2013.I would like to know about there traditional nursing program more and How to apply for it my gpa is a 3.5.
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    Hello, Im waiting for an acceptance letter from Barry to start the traditional program this coming fall 2013? Just wondering how is it going?

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