Baptist Versant Program 2014

  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone applied to this program? I would also like to get some feedback on previous New Grads that went through the program. THANKS!
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  3. by   Jen_Jen88
  4. by   Jen_Jen88
    No one??? I would really like to hear some feedback or at least those students who applied this year.
  5. by   mrsg26
    baptist versant program is only available to current baptist employees.

    Baptist scholars is available to current nursing students who apply the programs i know that do it are ( UM, BARRY, NOVA, MDC)

    If you want a job at baptist you have to have at least 1-2 years exp. or know someone, or work there in another capacity and apply for versant

    I know this beacause i have friends who work there, baptist is one of the hardest hospitals to get hired to without prior exp or connections.
  6. by   Jen_Jen88
    Baptist is opening up to external candidates for the versant program. I know this because I recently interviewed and I studied in puerto rico.
  7. by   lmrn13
    I interviewed for 3 positions with the Versant Residency recently and got selected for 2. I'm an external candidate as well.... I graduated last May. Did you end up getting hired??
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    If my comment ends up coming up twice sorry. I replied but it didn't show.

    I interviewed for two positions one at south Miami hospital and the other at the main hospital. I was selected for both and ended up choosing south Miami. I will be in the med / surg floor 4 east tower. You're Lucky I really wanted cardiac but hey I can always transfer in the future. This opportunity was too amazing to let it pass by just because I didn't get the unit I wanted. Well I guess I'll be seeing you around. Idk if we'll have orientation all together. Has E sent you the email? I have to go in March 3.
  9. by   lmrn13
    Cool we probably will see each other lol. And he called me on Thursday to handle some hiring stuff but I missed the call I finally just went to the HR office. I was told theres over 100 residents so if you don't complete the stuff and miss your physical appt you cant start til AUGUST!!! So I know Im going to complete mine the second he sends it lol. And as far as you know there's no contract/commitment right?
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    And congrats to you too!! It's so exciting right?? Lol
  11. by   Jen_Jen88
    I also missed his call but I basically stalked him until I was able to get in contact with him lol. I'm going on Monday to turn in some documents he asked for so maybe he'll have me sign some papers. I too want to know when we get our ids. I'll ask him Monday. And no I don't think there's a contract we have to sign. What shift are you working?
  12. by   lmrn13
    Oh awesome haha I can tell you what to ask him!! Because were both at the same place so it should be the same. I'll try and send you a private message and show you the schedule. And I got night shift.... It's what I asked for cause I'm definitely a night person lol. What about you?
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    I sent you a private message with my contact info. I got nights too lol. Yeah tell me what you need to ask i have his email if you need it. I need to buy some scrubs I'll check the website out thanks!
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    Ya I saw and replied..... Thanks 😊 but I tried to send something else after and it said your message box was full lol