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Applying to Miami-Dade Fall 2013 Generic

  1. 1 Hello I have been thinking hard about applying for the Fall 2013 Generic program at Dade. I also live in miami but my situation is different though. I previously was a Beginning Nursing student (Nursing Process 1) at another ADN program in south Florida. I passed my first clinical's, medication dosage math and currently taking pharmacology but failed my Lecture class by two points! About 25 people also failed that I know of, so if I seek readmission for January there is a chance I may not get in also If I fail another class in that program I would have to attend LPN school. I am very discouraged right now but I have talked to a advisor at miami-dade medical campus they told me they look at science gpa and teas scores not that I was in another program. If I take 3 more pre-reqs in spring, at miami dade I may apply to the program for Fall. My gpa is a 3.6 and I will be taking the TEAS test but I am still scared that even if I get a excellent score I may be denied to the program because of my education history. I know nursing school is very competitive and sometimes you do not get a second chance. I just want another chance to do What I love. Should I try my chances with Miami dade?
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    Hi Dream61792, not sure if you went through with applying to MDC but I believe you have a high chance of getting in if you do well on the TEAS exam. Good luck!
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    Hi dream61792. I wanted to know if you could give me some feedback on the steps you took to transfer to another school? I'm currently going through the same situation you went through a couple years ago at the same school you went to. I failed process I and went through the remediation process and I am currently in good standing, but I want to get out before they burn me again. When I spoke to MDC about transferring programs, they told me it was not a big deal if I could get a letter from the Dean of Associates indicating my current status ��. I don't know if I will get the letter, but if I don't I still want to transfer any way possible.