Anyone went through Florida Hosp. GN program? - page 3

I would like to hear from anyone that went through the GN program at Florida Hospital. How did you like it, did you feel it made your transition from new grad to nurse more smooth? How do you like... Read More

  1. by   ginnie003
    I did the GN program at Florida hospital. Worse experience of my life. They were so unorganized, rude, totally unchristian in their work ethics. I was reprimanded for "spending too much time" with my patients. I had five preceptors in the first five weeks of my training. One was great but a charge nurse so she could not continue, the other four were a little click and spoke another language. They would talk about me to each other when I didn't do something exactly their way.. and then I would be stalk watched at every moment so they could jump on me if I messed up. I went to HR to ask if I could be moved to another floor where I could have one preceptor. The HR gave me hope that a move would happen but allowed time to go by and never moved me. My favorite part (being sarcastic) is during orientation they sent in a man that was to motivate us as new employees. His two hour speech was of how "people of color" were taking over in the medical field. He was so prejudice and it was so apparent in everything he said. It was miserable working there.
  2. by   DragonflyLady17
    Oh wow.. I applied for the Jan/Feb position...I hope to hear back from them soon!