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I would like to hear from anyone that went through the GN program at Florida Hospital. How did you like it, did you feel it made your transition from new grad to nurse more smooth? How do you like working for FH? Any... Read More

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    I applied for Pediatrics, Women's Services, tele, Med/surg and ER. I was offered a job here in Women's Med/Surg, Med/Surg and Rehab so I think I will stay here unless offered Pediatrics, Women's or ER. I really want OB or NICU! I hope we hear soon!

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    Congrats!! Yeh I have an interview this week for a peds office, but i think i would learn so much more in a program in a hospital. So im hoping too that we hear soon so i can just know something lol.
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    I got called by a nurse recruiter there today for more information following up on my job application several weeks ago. I'm from out of state, and I'm not sure yet about the quality of this hospital from a nursing standpoint: I didn't see any mention on their website that they have Magnet status.

    But I'm having a hard time finding any openings for new grads in my area (DC) in ICU, so I'm looking around for opportunities elsewhere.
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    So what did the recruiter say?
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    Quote from BeMurphy
    My Interview was two and a half weeks ago, I interviewed with only one branch of Florida Hospital for one unit (though I applied for several) so that in mind, other branches may be looking at your applications and the hiring processes would then be different. I am very excited, I graduated in December and was starting to get a little disheartened with the whole process so this is really exciting. The interview it self was more practical and welcoming then any I went through in California, I enjoyed being given the chance to go through a case study with the nurse manager and nurse educator in-order to demonstrate my knowledge. I wish you the best of luck!

    Hi BeMurphy! I got an interview with FL hospital next week. What was the case study like? Was it more to demonstrate your technical skills or more critical thinking/decision making skills. I also graduated in December and I feel a little rusty so any advice you could give me would be great! Thanks so much.
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    I went thru Fl Hospitals GN/critical care program about 3 years ago. The critical care program has 2 wks of classroom going over body systems, reading EKG's, and ACLS. It was pretty good. I was hired for a PCU floor in one of the satellite hospitals so I had to go thru the critical care program. Then I was placed with a nurse preceptor on my floor for 12 weeks. It was nice to have one nurse to follow and ask questions. We had 5 pt's which I think is a lot since they're all monitored. They have since switched the staffing to 3 pt's with no techs so the RN's do total care. Floor nursing was not for me. It's very stressful. I lasted 6 mos. I was probably not on the right floor. I was told that, if I could handle it there, I could work anywhere. I now work in the office of a home health agency. Florida Hospital is Seventh Day Adventist and there is a lot of focus on spirituality. It's not forced down your throat, but I was always aware of it. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I also worked at the main hospital as a rounding nurse for a while.
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    I did the GN program at Florida hospital. Worse experience of my life. They were so unorganized, rude, totally unchristian in their work ethics. I was reprimanded for "spending too much time" with my patients. I had five preceptors in the first five weeks of my training. One was great but a charge nurse so she could not continue, the other four were a little click and spoke another language. They would talk about me to each other when I didn't do something exactly their way.. and then I would be stalk watched at every moment so they could jump on me if I messed up. I went to HR to ask if I could be moved to another floor where I could have one preceptor. The HR gave me hope that a move would happen but allowed time to go by and never moved me. My favorite part (being sarcastic) is during orientation they sent in a man that was to motivate us as new employees. His two hour speech was of how "people of color" were taking over in the medical field. He was so prejudice and it was so apparent in everything he said. It was miserable working there.
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    Oh wow.. I applied for the Jan/Feb position...I hope to hear back from them soon!

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