Anyone looking to attend PTEC's Oct 2012 LPN class?

  1. Hi I was just wondering if there was anyone else looking to attend the October 2012 LPN class...Just looking for someone to keep in touch with through the whole process.. I'm really excited but I also very nervous because it seems its always a challenge to get into any nursing program.
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  3. by   Jolisa616
    Ive heard of that program there and want to get in. Whats the evening program days and hours? What about cost?
  4. by   hgrimmett
    I wanted to go to PTEC. Truly. It is by far the cheapest and fastest option to get an LPN license (assuming you pass the big NCLEX test after school is done..) I tried 3 times to get in to PTEC. BTW they quit doing wait lists years ago. At the third (and last) mandatory orientation I went to, (you have to go to the orientation to even APPLY to the program unless they've changed it since 2009) there were 680 people competing for 24 spots in the next starting class. Even with my extremely high test scores, I didn't get picked. (its like playing lotto, pretty much. Except you have a better chance of winning something with the lottery..) At that point I gave up on going to PTEC.
  5. by   allshownogo
    Hey, Ill be in this class with you, Our first day is this Thursday and i look forward to meeting everyone.
  6. by   AnonymousSPN
    Now that you are in it, what do you think of it?