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Hello I just registered but have been using this site for the past year while I finish my prereqs for an accelerated BSN. I have found it to be very useful. Just wanted to see if anyone heard from... Read More

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    I am graduating from FAU on 01 May. I am in the traditional program, but I could certainly get you in touch with an accelerated student or two if needed. Hope I can help with any questions you might have.

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    Errinrae; could you put me in touch with a couple of ABSN students who could tell me about scholarship availability thru the school, and how much they are willing to award? This is the info I need to decide whether to go to UNF or UF. I have a free place to stay part time in UF, but if UNF has better scholarships, then I would go there.
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    I have a 3.76 GPA and have been wait listed at UCF for Fall
    I am considered to be a lowly transfer student, so that didn't help. I guess I'll have to do the SCC-UCF concurrent program.

    I am so bummed. I really felt like I was going to get in.
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    Hello Everyone,

    For those of you that attend the 2009 program how has it been for you so far? I am interested in applying but not sure how the course load will be and how really demanding it is. Wish you all the best.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!
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    I also wouldn't mind if any of you current UCF, FAU, or UF ABSN would give us an update on how things are.

    I am applying to all three schools, so I would appreciate any insight.
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    Probably all accepted students are studying, and studying hard...
    I'm looking to apply to FAU, starting at May (BSN). Does anyone know if there is any hospitals close by, so there will be an opportunity to work?
    Also, if there is somebody who apply to Traditional or Accelerated programs for upcoming May? I was wondering how competitive it would be?:smiley_ab
    Thank you in advance for any feedback
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    I just took the HESI exam. My final scores were: Grammar: 88%; Reading: 93%; Vocabulary: 76%; Math: 98%; and the total score was 88.9%. I know that FAU requires at least 80% in each section. I just want to know if I still might be considered for the one year accelerated program. I have strong compensating factors. My GPA for my undergraduate is 3.88. I finished a MBA in FAU a year ago, with a total GPA of 3.694. As per the prerequisites my GPA is 3.75. I Just want to know if this is still worth it to apply, or if you think I should consider other alternatives based on previous statistics of the people FAU haS admitted in the past. My first option has always been FAU since I am a previous graduate student, and I love the school. Unfortunately, this seems that I am not meeting the criteria to be considered for admission since my vocabulary section was under 80%. I would like to know if I still might have chances based on my background, or if you think they will disregard my application. Can anyone that has been admitted to FAU share their hesi's and GPA'S scores? Thanks!
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    I applied to both schools as well. My GPA is 3.88 and myaverage score for the HESI is 88%. Can you share your statitics just to see if I have options to get addmited to any of these schools. Thanks!

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