Anyone applying for CFCC LPN program this fall?

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    I spoke with the advisor this past week and I am all set to turn in my application packet (in August). Just wondering if there was anyone else getting ready too!

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    I'm ready to apply as well. See you there!!
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    I'm an RN already, but my husband is thinking of getting his lpn and i was wondering if you know if CFCC offers a night/weekend lpn course at the ocala or lecanto campuses? thanks alot.
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    I was accepted to CFCC LPN for Jan 2010.
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    cfcc does not offer night classes, try Taylor College in Belleview.
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    Congrats lovelyflyaway! I am in the program now and will be graduating Dec 11th. Its been a long hard exhausting road and I can't wait for gradution day to come!
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    I have been accepted into the LPN program at CFCC for Jan 2010. I'll see you there I am wondering what books I will need, the list can not be provided to me at this time by the bookstore. I am on a very tight budget so would like to pick up a book or two at a time. Does anyone have info available?
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    holliT are u attending cfcc? if so did u guys have a lot of oral presentations?
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    Yes, I am at CFCC. We had a few each semester but not what I would say is alot and its always in a group setting.

    The list of books are usually not given until the day of orientation along with cost of tuition for 1st semester.

    FYI for orientation.........Bring some cash or a check book. The ADN students will be coming in to sell the patches for uniforms. I recommend 4 sets. 3 for uniforms and one for your lab jacket. They will also be selling bandage scissors, pen lights (I don't recommend, the broke frequently this year), t-shirts, clipboards and all kinds of other stuff. You do NOT have to buy it, you can buy it somewhere else on your own....its a fundraiser though and its nice to support our fellow nursing students.

    I should see everyone at orientation, I am the V.P. of the PN student nursing association for this year.

    Oh BTW....did you know your first semester schedule is available!

    Scroll down to Practical Nursing and click 1st semester! If you wanna see what our summer/fall was like you can look at those too as they are still for this year.
    The schedule is not written in stone and they may make some changes to it, but the hours will remain basically the same.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Hey Holli

    Nice to meet you & thank you for the prompt response here. I will just plan on tightly budgeting between now & then. Hey thanks for the heads up on the class schedule I'm looking forward to starting class. Do LPN's have difficulty finding a job in Ocala? It's my understanding that ORMC does not hire LPNs. (I was there last week & chatting with an RN.)

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