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Any Rasmussen professional nursing graduates

  1. 0 Are there any graduates of the that professional nursing program in Ocala? I am in my third semester at Rasmussen Ocala in the professional nursing program, and I was wondering if it is hard to find any entry level job after graduating and what do hospitals have to say about Rasmussen.
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    Hello...I'm starting Rasmussen here in Tampa in Jan. Have you received any feedback/answers to your question? I'm curious too.
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    No I have'nt heard from anyone yet...... but hopefully they're all too busy working to respond.
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    Moved to FL Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully you will get more responses here.
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    I'm considering Rasmussen in Ocala but can't find much info anywhere. It used to be called Webster college I think.
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    I am very interested to hear from graduates from this program... Has there been a hard time finding work at all? How do the hospitals feel about Rasmussen?
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    I was wondering the same thing! I think i might call some local area hospitals! ill keep you posted!
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    I met a graduate and she's working!
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    Any updates on this post, I know it's old but was hoping for some answers as well. Thanks