Any North Florida Nurses Here?

  1. I am planning on moving to rural north central Florida asap from the Suncoast. This place out grew me years ago. I'm so ready for the quiet country life. Just wondering if any of the nurses here are working in the area, Perry, Live Oak, Lake City, Madison or nearby???
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  3. by   MrsLePew
    I am glad U know what U are in for
    Fort White here and actually plenty of places still available for building though it is growing.
    I myself have been here 4 years and still too cold for me and wanna move further south. Gulf coast area where it be booming!!
  4. by   flowerchild
    Thank you for your reply. Also thanks for others private messages. We have 3 acres on the Santa Fe River in Fort White. We bought it about 15 years ago. We will be selling it to move to Live Oak. The subdivision is too restrictive for us and has been built up over the years. I need more room to roam.
    Does anybody know what ever happened to Live Oak Hospital? I can't seem to find it on any searches. I drove by Shands @ Live Oak....SMALL!!
    I really am looking for a state job as that is what I'm already doing and would like to stay in the retirement system. I'd do LTC if I had to but it is not my fav nor is hospice either. I would do well in the Co. Health Dept or similar position. I believe Correctional nsg is an option. I could always do UR or staff dev in LTC or rehab. I feel lucky to be able to move up at all. There are not many jobs in the area but the one thing they do have opening for are nurses.
  5. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Hello to those of you moving to not so sunny Florida. Florida is a very nice place to be, just having some funny on and off cold spells... I am in Ocala. Just wanted to say hello. We have a few hospitals here, and a few more north a bit, as well as a few a bit southward.. Take care and Good luck to you where ever you may end up.
  6. by   MrsLePew
    Plenty of nursing opportunties in that for sure. But being State the pay is low.......
  7. by   lpn3324
    if you are moving live oak,andyou are already in FRS thinkseriously about corrections. The pay is the pits,but there is plenty of overtime