All FSCJ Spring 2013 Hopefuls

  1. Hi everyone! I decided to start this thread in hopes of seeing if there is anyone excited about applying to the fscj RN program spring 2013. I am currently taking a microbiology class this summer. I would have applied for fall 2012 but met with some technical difficulties. I have 206 in total points w/o micro. Let's stay in touch and keep this ball rolling!
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  3. by   lescarp
    Hi I dont know if I am going to make it. I have heard that you can take mcb while applying because the fall tern I am taking chemistry and human development. Have you already taken your entry test? I have to pick up a new app. Can you tell me how do I figure the points or does the fscj give that info on the website? Well my name is Lela and I hope to be with you.
  4. by   SpringNurse
    Hi Lela On the packet it says you can apply while you are enrolled in micro but I don't know how that will work out for you given that chem is a prereq for micro. Unless you can take chem and micro in the same term. Chem is not a prereq for the program just for micro. I already took the NAT and scored 109 points. The packet gives the info on how to calculate the total points. I really hope everything works out for you. I am hoping to see you too in tne spring.
  5. by   Nurse_Jay
    Hello all,

    I will be taking the NAT next week hopefully, I'm a bit nervous since I need to score fairly high in order to have a chance of getting accepted.

    Good luck to everyone applying!
  6. by   kristiann1985
    Hi all you 2013 hopefuls. I have just completed chemistry, and I am taking micro this fall. I cant believe the time has come to apply. Getting kind of nervous. I still need to take the NAT and the CPR class. If you have any study tips for the NAT that would be great and also a location to take the cpr class. Good luck everyone. Hope to meet some new people!!
  7. by   SpringNurse
    Hi Kristiann1985 ,

    I too can't believe I am finally done and ready to apply. I have waited for this a long time. I also need to take a CPR class but will wait till I receive an acceptance letter.

    Don't sweat the NAT test. It is more about speed than anything. If you don't know the right answer, make a quick educated guess and move on. if you have time when you're done you can change them. The math section is ridiculously impossible to complete. They give you 30 min to answer 90 questions . The math section isn't hard basic eighth grade math. The science section is geared toward chemistry, and basic biology. Think ampere, coulomb, energy, electrons, photosynthesis, kreb cycle, mitosis, and meiosis. Surprisingly, there was very little A and P. I used the Arco Allied Health Book,, and the test sample on campus. Is is better to be over prepared. Believe in yourself and relax because you have done these skills already . Good vibes are being sent your way.

    I'm SO ExCiTeD!
  8. by   kristiann1985
    Oh thats good that we can wait to take the CPR class. Thanks for all the tips. I am hoping to get a high score bc I really need night and weekend classes. Hope to meet you soon
  9. by   mandasue
    Hello everyone! I am so excited to say that I will be applying for spring 2013! I am super excited! If everything goes as planned this semester then I will be applying with 206 points. Is anyone taking micro this fall? Also, how do the "official transcripts" work? Do I request that they be sent to me and turn them in with my application or do I have then sent directly to the nursing department? Thanks in advance!
  10. by   Liamsmama
    Good Morning Everyone! I had no idea that someone had started a Spring 2013 page I'm glad I found it! I had to decline my seat for Fall 2012...I just couldn't make the day schedule work for me and my fam. Anyways, @ mandasue: You can print your transcript straight from Connections and turn it in with your application-all they require is your student copy. Hope this helps!

    I'm hoping to get into N/W for this term. I have 220 pts and some change, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that I get in. Is it August 1st yet?!? I'm axiously waiting to turn in my application again-lol. The waiting is sooooo the worst part of this whole ordeal. Good luck to you all!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys
  11. by   mandasue
    Is the deadline August 1st? The website for the program says October 1st.. Is that wrong? :/
  12. by   Liamsmama
    Quote from mandasue
    Is the deadline August 1st? The website for the program says October 1st.. Is that wrong? :/
    August 1st is the earliest date that you can turn in your application-October 1st is the last I didn't mean to freak you out!!
  13. by   mandasue
    Oh thank you for cleaning that up. I would have been really upset if I didn't have my points from a&p 2 and human growth & development!
  14. by   mandasue
    One more question.. The piece of paper we get after taking the nat.. Is that what I turn in with my application also? Where can I get a paper application?