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I got accepted into Barry's nursing program for this Fall. I was really excited until I started to consider the cost compared to FIU's cost per credit. Obviously I would have to take out loans for Barry, rely on any scholarships... Read More

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    Quote from FutureRN1976
    Thank you all so much. I would love to stay home, and not have to move into my parents. I have a dog and their condo doesn't allow rent is $725 a month. So last night I started looking at more loan possibilities so that maybe I could find enough that would also cover living expenses. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
    Yes, those loans do exist. I think they are called living expense student loans. I have not applied for one (but I am thinking about it), but I have heard you have to have really good credit or a co-signer with really good credit. I am scared to apply because I got laid off almost 2 years ago and I have tried really hard to keep up with everything but I am making less than half of what I made before and I have fallen behind here and there. Either way, I will get through! Good luck to you!

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    what school are you in tka?
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    Dear FutureRN1976,
    I am so glad i found this post of yours because i could relate so much to it...

    I have also been accepted to Barry University BSN program for this fall 2009,
    the cost of the school, however, does not let me sleep well at night
    I knew it would be expensive but i thought i would be getting much more help from the financial aid office, i dont know.. maybe i am getting ahead of myself because i am still waiting for my financial award letter, but it terrifies me that i will not be able to afford it, even with loans provided.. on top of that i have to pay for my car & insurance among other bills (not cheap)...
    I want this so much and the thought of having to give up on it, makes me so sad.. please let me know if you have been told about loans or scholarships that maybe i dont know about...
    good luck in your process
    and congrats on your decision to go to barry!!!
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    I am starting the FALL o9 at barry! I went Monday to sign all my paperwork! I am also waiting for that financial aid award letter. I am in a tough situation, I want to take out loans for the whole program but the advisor told me since I am consider dependent (I am 22) I can not take out that much money in loans! It cost $13,200 A SEMESTER! and i dont even think its including books! I am so afraid!! Besides the price, I hope you chose to go to Barry its a great school! See u soon hopefully !! :redpinkhe
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    Im going to the financial aid office this friday. I will keep you posted on any info they give me. Apparently, I have 28,000 in awards..and the tuition is 26,000 (for the year). There is a 2,000 dollar difference..but the tuition does not figure in the cost of books AND medical insurance that I would have to get through the school, but I have none on my own. The medical insurance is $1900+ yearly (there goes my extra $2,000)...but how about books? Uniforms? Cost of living! Ughhhh Im going to apply @ MDC anyway...but with a 3.4, Its not going to cut it. But Im going to try anyway...
    depressed and scared
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    You already recieved your award letter? How long after you did your FAFSA did you get awarded?
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    I couldn't imagine attending a nursing school that costs $28,000 a year! It is not medical school and nurses don't make nearly as much as doctors, it would take many many years to pay this off, even with overtime. I had to wait two semesters at my Community College to start, but it beats paying that huge amount of money. The total price for our program is around $7,000, so it was definitely worth the wait! My program is only an ADN program, but after I complete this program I will transfer to a four year university. The price still wouldn't be as high as that school.
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    jmi: i already had my fafsa completed, all i had to do was add Barry's school code. Barry got my fafsa info within days.

    soon: i was torn between mdc (asn program $6,000) or barry. Im still not guaranteed a spot at mdc. Im going with Barry because they accepted me. i dont want to have to wait and wait on mdc....there is someone on here that applied and got denied 5x with a 3.3 gpa. I have a 3.4, and I was told that 3.6 is the cut off at mdc. So yea, Barry is a good choice for me. And besides, ever heard of loan forgiveness? Just sayin'
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    Quote from FutureRN1976
    what school are you in tka?
    Sanford Brown, Jacksonville
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    Hi Ladies, I was also accepted into Barry's program, but I am waiting to hear back from Baptist's Scholar's program. I also applied to MDC, but have a 3.43 GPA. I met with the counselor at Barry but did not register for Miami Shores Campus, instead I am putting all my hopes on doing Barry's program thru Baptist, or getting accepted to MDC. Miami Shores is a very far commute for me. I am glad to have found other students planning to attend Barry for fall of 2009 and wish you all much success in the program.

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