Advice needed let go during orientation

  1. I am really having a hard time and am in a pretty bad situation. I recently relocated to Florida for a nurse residency job. During the orientation period we rotated through different units to see where we would like to begin our training with a preceptor and eventually continue working on our own with a 2 yr commitment.

    Well, before I even had a chance to begin training, I was notified that they were "unable to place me" on a unit. When i asked why they gave vague reasons such as.... more than one manager said I didn't seem as engaged or had a "lack of enthusiasm". She even went so far to say that maybe I was "just shy" and maybe I had a bubbly side to me but she hadn't seen it. They said I hadn't done anything wrong requiring disciplinary action, but they were letting me go. I was shocked because not once did anyone mention any issues or concerns over the 5 weeks we rotated. We were also assured that they wanted us to succeed and would work with us to ensure that we were successful. I attended all classes, always reported on time for the shifts and stayed beyond the shift with the nurse to help with patient care. The other residents agreed that I was in fact engaged and contributed to patient care and classroom discussion.

    So, now I am in an apartment in a new city with no support and no job. I am trying to appeal the decision by writing letters to the coordinators as well and the CNO, but have not heard anything. I left messages with my recruiter as well. This has truly shaken my confidence and makes me afraid for my ability to make it out here. I truly love caring for patients and have always received positive feedback and gratitude from patients. I am just not a loud person when it comes to pointing out my achievements or talents. I know now that is something I have to do to make it in nursing. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on where I go from here I'd really appreciate it. Since I have no nursing experience and my Bachelors is in Psychology, not nursing, it is not so easy to just get another job. I am willing to do whatever I need to start working again as an RN. I live in the Tampa area so if anyone has any suggestions, contacts, jobs, etc..I'd be most gratetful!
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  3. by   Sunshine94031
    Do you have your Assocaite degree in nursing?
  4. by   canes1RN
    I don't know where in Tampa you are located but if you are willing to commute Blake Medical in Bradenton is hiring new graduates.
  5. by   runner502
    Yes. I BA in psych, but not the BSN.
  6. by   runner502
    I had actually spoken to someone there when I had already accepted this job but hadn't started. She was willing to get me an interview and seemed very nice. I was planning to do that tomorrow. It would probably require me to end up moving but I don't really love Tampa as much as I did when I went to Eckerd in St. Pete years ago.
  7. by   runner502
    Do you work there now? How do you like it if you do?
  8. by   canes1RN
    I worked there right after graduation for a year. The orientation was good, I had really good preceptors and learned a lot. Co-workers are really supportive.
  9. by   runner502
    That's encouraging to hear! I'm glad you had such a good experience.
  10. by   Gabriel13
    I am sorry to hear of your situation, getting railroaded like that. Just a little background on me, I'm a PA RN planning to relocate to South or SW Florida later this year with my wife and son. We both have family down there. Anyways, I hope you can get to the bottom of why they let you go. Is it possible that you didn't disclose something on your application like an arrest? Or maybe there's some judgement on your license or bad history with a former employer? It could be likely too that they brought on too many new grads or had to make cuts after bringing you on, and let you go for that reason. I know it sucks, but try not to take it personally. I'm sure you'll bounce back. Best of luck to you!
  11. by   runner502
    I had to laugh about the arrest thing. I am pretty boring in that regard. I don't drink, smoke do drugs, and I go to church every Sunday. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic grade school. My last employer gave me very good reviews and this hospital is in desperate need of nurses. I'm trying to move on and not take it personally, but it's hard because I feel like I was discriminated against for some reason. I am focused on the future though and have an interview at another hospital this week. So, maybe in the end this will be a better place for me. Thanks for your support and I wish you the best as well!