Accelerated RN/BSN(USF/SPC/PHCC?)

  1. Hello, I am looking at schools that offer an accelerated RN/BSN for those already holding Bachelors Degrees. I graduated USF in December with my BA in Pol/Sci and am seriously considering getting into the nursing field. I obviously would like to complete the education in as little as time as possible (since I essentially feel as if I wasted the last 4 years in a useless major) I am also considering an A.S. to become an RN and then following later with my BSN. (I've looked into SPC and PHCC for that) Any info or insight would be helpful! I am trying not to waste anymore time

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  3. by   MB37
    I graduated from USF's accelerated program. It had its ups and downs, but at least it only lasted 15 months. USF doesn't split classes into accelerated and not - all of your classes are combined acclerated and traditional, so you just take more of them at a time. If it was up to me we'd have our own classes, but there wasn't money for that. Some of the instructors are great, others are OK, and a few never seemed to prepare for their lectures (and the subject matter was clearly not their area of expertise). Most seem to genuinely care about the students though, and I never even heard anyone complain that one of our instructors was "trying to fail" them. Administration was pretty crappy however - they change policies at the drop of a hat, ignore student requests and petitions, and have many pointless requirements in an effort to keep their NCLEX pass rate at 100%. I do feel that despite all the crapola we had to put up with, that I got a decent nursing education. However, I worked my rear end off and read just about every assigned page. USF is inexpensive, and it worked for me because I'm very self-directed. If you need your hand held (at all), consider somewhere else.
  4. by   Jess84
    Wow-thanks for the info!

    I am strongly considering the program, and planning to attend an info session shortly. I wouldn't be able to enter (pending I am accepted) until Summer 2010, because as a social science undergrad, I took literally no natural or bilogical science courses and have most of the pre-reqs to complete. I read that they no longer admit in the spring. Would and Summer 2010 admit mean graduation in Dec 2011?

    Another thing- how competitive would you say the program is? MY GPA is only about 3.2 (screwed up a bit during the first 2 years) and I have heard that it would need to be much higher to get in. Is Cumulative GPA all they look at?

    Thanks again!
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    Hey - check your PMs, I'll send you one!
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  7. by   2011nurse

    I too am very concerned about my GPA and getting into the accelerated BSN program. I have a 3.28-3.3 and I have heard that the lowest admitted GPA has fluctuated as low as a 3.08. If anyone has any info to share, that would be great. I hope to start Fall 2009.


  8. by   jamieb3470
    hey, jess I would be starting in the summer of 2010 if I decide to do that as well. I also graduated in May ( from UT with a writing degree) and have just began taking Anatomy and Micro since summer... do we know if there will be a problem getting in?
    I was going to apply to HCC, but the applicants versus the spots available is reallly bleak.
  9. by   Jess84
    I think I have a plan!!

    I am going to apply to PHCC and SPC for their AS program as well as USF for their BSN. If I decide to go the community college route, I will bridge to either BSN or Masters eventually. Whatever program accepts me is who I am going with but I actually heard that it is more difficult to get into an AS program than a BSN because of the tons of applications compared to available spots. It kind of frustrates me that I already have a Bachelors and am worried about having a problem getting into an Associates program. I guess I assume it's a lot easier to have a higher GPA when your cumulative GPA is calculated for 12 or so credits of Pre Reqs as opposed to 130+ credits over 4 years so hopefully the colleges recognize that?? As of now, I am just taking as many pre reqs for all the programs as I can so I will be ready for whichever program I end up in. I just want to be done now, and I haven't even started : )

    Jamie, it looks like we're in similar places, as far as age and having just graduated college and whatnot. I really hope we don't have a problem getting into a program. I just feel kinda upset with myself for not persuing nursing right out of HS, so I could already be an R.N and not just starting out down that route! (Is it odd that I feel I'll be too "old" at 26 when I finally finish??) Anyway, I have my degree and I guess nobody can take it from me...useless as it may be
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  10. by   jamieb3470
    I swear I feel the exact same way on all the same things you do.
    I also feel as if I will be too "old" as I am about to turn 24...
    yet in my lab yesterday, a girl who is 32 is in the same position you and I are, and
    well... she's 32... yet she is married, which is a little easier in my opinion, not working, and just taking the classes that she can to try and get in. She is also trying to get in to as many programs too. I do hear it is easiest to get into an accelerated BSN, than say an ASN, hence not a lot of people want to deal with all those pre req's, AND they may not already have the Bachelor's degree. I started out as a nursing major, and after I waited 2 years for an LPN program, I dropped out, I hated it. So I also wasted THAT time as well.
    Back then I was 16 and honestly didn't have the discipline to take all these classes.
    So now I am stressed more than ever about just GETTING in SOMEWHERE.
    I am applying to a community college in New York, that just wants you to have Anatomy 1
    and some other things, but she told me a thousand people apply, for you guessed it, 45 spots. BUT I have a 4.0 in those pre req's they require....since they don't count anatomy 2 and micro... AND I STILL feel like I won't get in... :[ ugh this is so frustrating...
  11. by   Jess84
    FYI-PHCC only requires Anatomy 1 too! They make you take A&P 2 as part of the actual nursing program so they are actually my first choice. I was even looking at what I could CLEP to get this done faster...Good Luck to you (and me as well)

    I am about to turn 24 too, in about 3 weeks! it's soo funny and refreshing to find someone is the same position as myself.
  12. by   starbellyjm
    i actually had my undergrad in athletic training from ucf. i applied to the usf program and was not accepted because even though i had a 3.89 in my program, my overall was only 3.4 because i too screwed around the first 2 years. i am currently a student at umass in their graduate entry program. i think the issues that the above posts had with usf are issues you find at every school. we feel the same way about the program here and the faculty. i however am paying 30,000 a year for tuition. usf definately would be alot cheaper. fortunately for you, you have classes to take still and can get your gpa up. i believe that everything happens the way it should and for some reason i was supposed to end up here. (i sat for my nclex yesterday and have less than 2 years to go til my aprn)
    as far as age, i am 32 and not the oldest in my classes. i think having some life experience definately helps! good luck to you in whatever you decide to do!:d
  13. by   ceekitty
    MB37 - I'm new on here and can't figure out how to PM... I'd like your feedback/advice on the accelerated BSN program at USF. I have applied and am hoping I'll be attending there in the August 09. I'd also like your thoughts on direct-entry MSN programs...

  14. by   ceekitty
    By the way - Sehsun - thank you for your message. I'm glad to hear helpful info about USF.
    I guess I'll have to get busy posting so I can send some PM's...

    Also - if I do get into USF's program, I'll be asking advice on housing and other issues in Tampa. I want to stay somewhere quite and safe (and hopefully not too pricey), and I don't mind driving a little out of the way for it. Plus I have to find a new grocery store home (that has gluten-free items - I have an allergy)...

    So if anyone has thoughts/ideas/advice on any of these things, I will welcome them (:
    Thank you!