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I have a gpa of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale but my school uses a 4.33 scale so on that scale my actual school cGpa is a 3.68...From what I understand, at FAU they do not convert your transcript grades to fit to their schools grading... Read More

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    Great! I will apply for June as well. I read that is only 25 seats at usf, one is for you!

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    I am currently in USF absn program. I got accepted for Fall 2010 and there are 36 of us. They usually accept 24-36. I would say definitely apply even though it is very competitive. I had a 3.4 and so other things are definitely considered when they select people. Apply! If you decide to apply for summer semester, have your stuff in order! Feel free to private message me!
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    Thank you so much for the information!! would you please share how is the program? is it very demanding? Thank you!
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    Well, finals begin Monday so I'm not out of the woods yet:smackingf. I would highly suggest that you take pathophysiology before the program. Everyone's experience is different. I have lecture Mon and Thurs, lab tuesday, clinicals wednesday, and fridays off. These last three weeks have been demanding. I'm sure next semester will be worse with 22 credit hours! The saying is if you make through the 2nd semester, you will make it through the program.
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    Hi!! I hope you had great holidays! any news from any program? have you decided what other programs will you apply??
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    Hi Esla, how have you been? My holidays were great. No, I have not heard anything from FAU other than the generic email they sent to the applicants stating we should know by the end of Feb. I should also know around that time about UCF. I decided not to apply to UF. I checked out the Gainesville area over break and I don't want to move my family there, even if it would only be temporary. We also checked out the Boca area, and we liked it there. I figure if I do not get into UCF or FAU, then I will apply to USF. I might go ahead and submit the materials to USF prior to hearing from the other two, but I can't submit them yet because I am still waiting on acceptance to the university.

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