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    I'm considering pursuing an LPN or RN degree at the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations in West Palm Beach, FL. Has anyone taken classes there? If so, what was your experience? How do employers view a nursing degree from this school? Thanks.
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    For LPN, go to ANHO. They were amazing!

    Right now I am doing their LPN-RN bridge and I do not recommend it at all. The program is disorganized and being a newer program, they are constantly scrambling and making rules up as they go along or stubbornly digging their heels in when the whole class goes over a cliff. The hiring requirements are much different than the LPN program, the instructors are burnt out and the dean spends half the night smoking in the parking lot. 80% of the class is failing and will likely have to go back to the beginning and start the program over again. So when you look at other longer and possibly more time consuming programs, know you will most likely only need to go through those once opposed to here at ANHO with their "rinse and repeat" system. Their "amnesty" system is not out of the kindness of their hearts when they let you repeat classes for free. It merely makes their graduation/NCLEX pass rates falsely look higher or equal to other schools.

    I am a pretty strong person but I can say their RN program broke me. I needed to get on antidepressants about 3 months into the program. You will bust your ass and spend so much time studying and the grades will not nearly reflect the efforts you have given. I really wish I went elsewhere and I suggest you do too if you are looking for an RN degree.
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    This school is not NLN accredited. Palm beach community college is. Many employers will not hire nurses who don't graduate from schools that are NLN (national league of nursing). I am a new LPN at the VA medical center I was accepted at this school prior to receiving my job offer. I later learned I had to drop out of the program. I cannot work as RN there. Many hospitals have this standard.
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    This nursing school has been a blessing in my life. I graduated as an LPN there in 2010. I enrolled in their first LPN-RN bridge program and became an RN in November 2012. Most of my former classmates are currently working in nursing homes or home health. Now, noticed I said most of my classmates. Two of my classmates were hired in Palms West, telemetry unit. Another one was hired at Good Sam. Two more that are working in a hospital in Broward County. Now, two of my classmates and I were hired at St Marys in the tele and dialysis unit. And thats just the ones I know of, so when someone says that Palm Beach County hospitals wont hire ANHO students that person coukdnt be more wrong. By the way, if you go to Palm Beach State get ready to be there 3, 4 years and thats if you are lucky.