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  1. I am looking into the flight nursing/medical escort field and I'm not sure where to start. I have >4 years Exp in Trauma/ER/ICU with a Level II trauma hospital in SO FL. I have many certifications including TNCC, ATCN, NRP & CEN. I have sent my resume to a few places that I have found online but I'm looking for as many opportunities as possible. I'm not afraid to try something new and I'm very excited to learn new things. Before anyone begins to berrate me about looking on the bulletins, I have spent 8 hours on here today just reading posts and my eyes are about to cross!!!.
    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   Medic09
    'Medical escort' and Flight Nursing aren't the same in many/most people's minds. I suggest you visit FlightWeb. It isn't so busy these days; but still is the best online place for Flight Crew Members. Also check out ASTNA. Good luck.
  4. by   airwayguru
    I would go to the National Flight Nurses/Paramedics websites. Last time I was there they had links to who was hiring for flight nurses and parmedics.
  5. by   Huachuca
    If you don't mind relocating, I would reccommend signing onto the medical transport websites and look at job opportunites. Airmethods, PHI, Medtrans, are some of the largest. I work in the southwest, and there are always openings for flight nurses. You have all the certs that are required. You need a minimum 3 years critical care/emergency experience. You could also take the CFRN review and get your certification. That is a requirement within you first two years, so if you have it before you even apply, you would stand out. Attend prehospital EMS days. You get a feel for prehospital.

    One thing they are looking for during an interview, is someone that can work well with others. You are working/sleeping for 24 hour shifts. You have to be a good team memeber.

    Good Luck

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