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interested in flight nursing

  1. 0 Hello everyone,sent a message earlier not sure if it went through.I'm new to this site & nursing,only 1yr 6mnths,work on tele floor,would really luv to go to er/trauma & hopefully flight nursing.Would love some advice,how many yrs er/trauma exp required?Do i need to take extra courses etc...?I was also told some states require u have paramedic background.Would appreciate some feedback,thanks!
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    look about two thirds down the topics page on the flight and transport nursing forum and you will find a topic called "what steps do I need to take to become a flight nurse?" This should point you in the right direction.

    good luck
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    I read the info was very hepful,answered my questions!
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    I would love to be a flight nurse, what does it take to do that. Thanks for the info. thats great!! :angel2:
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    Just an FYI

    Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio has a Flight nurse program where you can receive your NP in adult acute care or critical care and flight nurse certification. Pretty neat check it out. If I were single I'd be there!

    as with all advice - use, peruse or refuse!

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    Hi there, I am a flight nurse in Ohio and am currently studying for the CFRN exam. The exam is very tough and a group of us are studying together. As for the "Flight Nursing" class at Case in Cleveland. The class is part of the Critical Care Nursing Masters that they offer, it is not a Masters in Flight Nursing. We (co-workers) have looked into this class and that is what we have found out. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the information/clarification. Wishing you and your co-workers the best of luck with your test!


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