Flight Nurse for Military

  1. I am interested in becoming a flight nurse for the military, and I was wondering if anyone from this profession had any tips or advice for me? Also, do you have any stories about it?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Euro_Sepsis
    There are many recent threads about it in the Gov't/Military nursing section. I encourage you to browse the first page or two, and narrow your search a bit. Military flight nursing is very different from civilian HEMS; there are several varieties depending on your qualifying civilian experience. The differences can be branch-dependent and also can have more strict accession standards (MEPS clearance + FAA-level flight physical).

    And you may find us hesitant to share "stories" outside of our circle. Military flight missions aren't like 911 scene calls. Serving those who serve in battle is a distinct privilege in military medicine... you just wouldn't understand unless/until you swear your oath.
  4. by   Kater1719
    Ok thank you! and sorry to intrude!