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Is there anyone on here that is a flight nurse? I'm looking to get advice from someone who is because I want to be one myself and possibly paramedic on the side part time? I don't know. I'm curious... Read More

  1. by   aamRNBSN
    How long was your commissioning process?
  2. by   aamRNBSN
    why did you even go enlisted with a bsn in the first place?
  3. by   Vona86
    It took me a year and two months...very long...the recruiter said it usually take a year
  4. by   frozenmedic
    It seems this discussion got a bit sidetracked, but assuming you're talking about being a civilian flight nurse here is my input. On paper, the basic requirements are just as other posters have noted, perhaps with minor variations between services. General RN requirements come from CAMTS (medical transport accreditation) for nurses operating in a "Critical Care" mission profile, they also set basic requirements for flight medics.

    From your post it sounds like you are neither a nurse nor paramedic at this time, and attempting to go to school for both as the same time would likely be impossible. The educational models are incredibly different, but both have a large time commitment. Before jumping on a plane/helicopter with your patient, you're going to need several years of experience in whatever field the letters behind your name indicate, so I would choose the job you think you're going to enjoy the most. Are there medic/RN bridge programs (and vice-versa)? Of course, but that's a bridge to cross later.