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I am in the hiring process for a rotary-wing flight nursing job, just waiting for the occ health, background check etc. to go through. I know they will issue me gear but wanted to start picking up... Read More

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    I'm not a flight nurse but regarding shears, I've tried a ton of 'em in a busy trauma center, from the cheapo freebies all the way up to Big Shears (bigshears.com) and have found the Leatherman Raptors to be the most reliable. Personally, I wish they weren't foldable (too many nooks and crannies for blood to get embedded) but they reliably cut through most materials without getting jammed up or splitting apart. The Big Shears are amazing in their ability to cut through thick layers (I did 8 layers of stacked webbing from an old Posey belt) but they are just too big to be practical.

    If I were a flight nurse, I would keep a Z-rex affixed to the outside of my suit on the front somewhere for two reasons: (1) they're light and slim but still effective for ripping through clothing, and (2) they're effective for ripping through seat belts and may one day help with emergency egress of the crew.

    Parenthetically, I actually started carrying a Z-rex on my car seat belt after taking care of some kids whose dad burned up in an MVC fire because he couldn't get out of his seat belt. The kids were initially trapped because the windows were closed but a bystander used a rock to bust out the window (the Z-rex also has a carbide tip to pop windows... probably no help with the polymer windows on an aircraft, though)