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    I know of the CEN support thread in the Emergency Nursing forum. It is a thread where people can talk about how they study, give general support, words of wisdom, and pearls.

    I thought a similar topic could be helpful for RN's getting ready for the CFRN and CTRN. There are multiple study guides out for CEN review; however, transport review materials are somewhat limited.

    So, please share your stories. What helped? How did you or are you planning to study? Should specific areas be emphasized? Please, share your tips and tricks.

    I would ask that people refrain from giving out actual exam material if they have it as this pratice is generally considered non-professional.
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    Hey there GilaRN - GREAT IDEA!

    I'll start!

    Took and passed the CFRN a couple of weeks ago and I'm in the process of preparing for the FP-C with my paramedic partner. We hope to take it by the end of May.

    The prep for the CFRN was fairly straightforward. I read the "Blue Book" ASTNA's 3rd Edition cover to cover. I think that this book is absolutely essential for any transport/flight nurse. It is fairly comprehensive but not necessarily overly detailed. All-in-all it is one of the best resources for any transport nurse.

    I also got Will Wingfield's new ACE SAT for review - It was well worth the nearly $80 for the book and shipping. WW's book helped me to identify the weak spots and I did just that. (In my case it was OB issues and those pesky gas laws - why do I get so confused?!) The book is not a true traditional review - it sectioned by subject area questions and within the answers (with detailed rationales) there are many "pearls" and test tips.

    I also reviewed the CAMTS standards (available on the website for free - a big file to print...80 pages or so). Not too useful on the CFRN, however, I'm told that the FP-C may be a different animal.

    I also took the ENA's outline of exam content and attempted to fill in the "holes" on any area that I felt rusty in. I feel that the exam followed the outline very well. Of course, the great bank of questions could serve up anything - but, I felt like my exam was fairly balanced. Medical, Trauma, Pedi, Survival-Safety, Cardio, Priority - it had it all. Not too many med specific's, but I think the exam is a "thinking test", so recall of specific facts is less important than being able to recognize/intervene in clinical presentations and implement/revise care of the same patient. Example: RSI/DAI was a focus, but specific drug doses we not on it. The general process, the precautions and indications were the crux.

    Overall, I felt reasonably prepared when I took it. I did okay - I think I passed with 129/150. Not as well as the CEN (which I re-rook for recert last fall, I got 144/150), but a bunch better than the CCRN which I passed by a very slim margin. Can't compare to the FP-C, but I will report back - win, lose or draw!

    I know that you have been doing transport for a while - and that you work for a good service. Plus, I do note your reasoning here and via FW, and it is very sound. I'd think that a wham-bam review and you will be good to go.

    I am in the process of compiling a comprehensive review for all disciplines. I think there is a real need for this - there are not too many resources out there - I'd think that a direct/concise product would fill a void. Hopefully, this will be a PPT and review manual ready for presentation at our state EMS conference this fall. I hope to be able to present this (with others) as a free offering (of course with the support/blessing of my employer!) with testing to follow at the conference. I will post here and on flightweb if/when this becomes a reality!

    Anyway, not too sure that any of this helps - I'd be glad to help further if there is anything I can clarify. PM me if you want.

    I think I thought too much about it. I got a little peeved at work and rushed my test date. I then started to panic a bit, but I was committed - so I just tested. I left the exam feeling very confident that I was, in fact, a fairly good flight nurse. So to the extent that I left the process better than I started it - the exam did it's job! And I think that it the point - the purpose of the certification exam is to validate your knowledge- and if in preparation you end the process stronger than you start, that is a sure measure of a professional.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks a bunch! Currently, I am using Wingfield's ACE SAT book, and I am finding the review quite intense. I have taken all of the tests and notes on each chapter. Now, I continue to retake tests and notes on any questions that still bug me. I am also using the ASTNA blue book and Brady Critical Care Paramedic book to study as well.

    One thing I notice is every source has slightly different "normal" numbers. For example one source will say 0-10 mm/hg on ICP while another says 0-15 mm/hg.

    The CEN was a pretty linear exam and I found no suprise material when I took it. So, I want to be well prepared for the CFRN as well. In addition, I must agree. The process of self studay and review has actually taught me several bits of information I simply did not know.

    I hope other people who are getting ready to test chime in with their study routine and general words of support.
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    I am an ICU RN and also volunteer for a local ambulance as a Prehospital RN. I am planning on taking the CTRN. Does anyone have any insight/recommendations? I noticed a lot of people on this post are flight people.


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    Yeah, one of the nurses I work with took both the CFRN and CTRN two weeks apart. He said they are essentially the same exam.
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    What I gather from the Will Wingfield and ASTNA book is that the airway management modalities are all based on the the Ron Walls Airway Management book?
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    Just took the CFRN this morning. Passed with 133/150. I would be happy to post my thoughts on the CFRN process if people are interested. Nothing specific on regarding the actual exam however.
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    Hey there GilaRn -

    PM sent, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Fly SAFE!
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    Thanks again.
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    I was wondering if anyone knows if the CCEMTP curriculum is close to the content on the CTRN.


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