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I am currently working my first job as an RN on a med-surg/neurology floor. I graduated August 2012 with a BSN. I've been off orientation for under 3 months. This morning after completing my night shift my nurse educator told... Read More

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    I have a friend I work with that has the EXACT same story as you. Her first name also starts w/ a J and literally had the exact same response from our educator recently. It was eerie, I thought you were her for a second.

    Best advice I can give you as a fellow new RN is that it gets better. We are not all cruising and you're not alone in your stress. I have 5-8 patients as well on a Med-Surg-Neuro floor and it gets busy. What I have found helps me is that instead of writing everything by pencil, I type my notes in a brain sheet. I also screen capture the medications to be admin from the eMAK and print them out. I literally write nothing down except what I get in report. Everything else, I type and keep with me. The next day I come in, it is all still there under my log in and I add stuff to it or change it as appropriate.

    I have also found I save hours of time charting by doing only the essentials and trusting the "Within Normal Limits" button. By using a lot of free text entry and doing comprehensive, but simple charting, I save time. It used to take me 6-hours to do all my charting, checking orders, and chart checks, but I can do it all in less than an hour. I'll post a picture of my "brain sheet" below.

    It has the physical assessment I did on the Left and all the Chief Complaint, Hx, Resulting Labs or imaging etc, active orders, and plan on the right. I print out a med list separately. Once I notice the SCDs, or something else, is inthe room or the IV fluids are right, I use a red pen and just check it off -- Then I'm confident I didn't miss something.

    I work nights, however, so I'm unsure if you're days or nights. Days might not work with my system as things change FAR to quickly, but if you're nights, it may help.

    Best of luck to you! You're doing great, keep on trucking! I had a little breakdown on AllNurses.com a few days ago, so I certainly feel what you're feeling too.

    Here's a pic of my brainsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9qg9d22ao...2001.54.57.jpg
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    Wow! Thanks for the advice and screen cap! They were helpful to me. Since starting this thread, I had a few days where I just hated life, but have since seen a huge improvement in my efficiency. Oddly, although I've gotten a ton of great advice on this forum and from others, there isn't one single thing I can point to and say "Changing this made all the difference". I just came to work one day and the improvements just manifested. Knock on wood, but things have been going well for me. I was actually nominated for a Daisy Award last week, so I must be doing something right, you know?

    It's always good to know you're not alone in something like this; it helps me fight off self-pity and focus on what needs to change.

    BTW: I do indeed work nights. Right now the pace of days would be way to intense for me.


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