What are some helpful tips a preceptor can offer a new grad nurse? What are some helpful tips a preceptor can offer a new grad nurse? | allnurses

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What are some helpful tips a preceptor can offer a new grad nurse?

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am working on a project (just for myself, not school) and I am curious how you would answer the following question.

    If you were a new grad starting your first nursing job, what information would you like for your preceptor to offer?

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    As a new grad, an easy answer to your question would be EVERYTHING-I want them to tell me everything lol. Some of the stuff might be covered during orientation, but hope this helps u on ur project.
    Mainly, from my experience thus far with my preceptor, I would like them to try to remember how it was when they were new, sometimes my preceptor forgets I don't know how to do something or have never done it before, but we have good communication, once I remind her she helps me
    -suggestions on what works for them or for their friends on the unit for time management/tips for organization
    -where else I can get more information on the unit-where are the resources? (drug book, nurse reference center, etc)
    -some might say this should have been covered in nursing school-it was-but i think it should continue with the preceptor for the new grad-ask me questions that make me think critically
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    Everything, inside stuff, things she found difficult - how she overcame them, tricks that help her with everyday things, likes & dislikes, explain, explain everything!

    I've always found my nurse preceptors helpful. If anything at all, ask questions!