Washington Hospital - Residency Program of Fremont, CA

  1. Today, I was selected for a "large interview" with 5-6 individuals for the Washington Hospital residency program. I've never experienced a group interview, which concerns me. Does anyone have tips or pointers on how to prepare for this type of interview? Also, is it likely for a scenario/simulation to be conducted during this type of interview? Thanks, in advance!
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  3. by   woodsider
    I got a call from them too and would appreciate if anyone could share your experience with Washington interview. Nervous
  4. by   Gumble
    has anyone had their interview yet?
  5. by   woodsider
    I haven't, mine is this Friday.
    Have you?
  6. by   woodsider
    Nurse Gumble, AAVA,
    How did your interview go?
  7. by   Gumble
    Hey Woodsider, I think it went alright. How about you? They didn't ask the typical questions I was expecting, but I think it went well and I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly they were! I hope we all get calls back from them for the second round!
  8. by   woodsider
    Sounds like you did well. Congrats. The nurse educator was supposed to be there was absent. a manager interviewed us and we all were too nervous...
    I did not feel good about this interview but good experience...difficult clinical questions...
  9. by   Gumble
    It's OK, Woodsider. I'm sure they expect a bunch of new grads to be nervous! It's not like we have tons of experience in working and interviewing to fall back on, so I am just hoping that they keep that in mind. I'm sure you did better than you think! Hang in there! It's nerve racking waiting though
  10. by   FLOBRN
    Anyone here...after your application is marked "reviewed" how long is it until you hear something one way or the other on the average? Thanks
  11. by   jayceone
    went through both interviews. anyone hear back yet if they got the job?
  12. by   CharcoalRN
    Not yet... although they said we should get a phone call this week either way
  13. by   LizzoRN
    My application status hasn't changed yet. I applied for the Spring 2011 New Grad program and it still says "Application forward to Manager." It's already March, and I haven't gotten a phone call / email or anything. Anybody have a clue what that means? Thanks for the help!
  14. by   AAVA
    Has anyone received word, yet?