Upcoming Survey: New Grads, How is Your Job Hunt?

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    "upcoming survey: new grads, how is your job hunt?

    newly licensed california rns soon will be asked to
    participate in a survey that aims to learn about the nursing shortage.

    the california institute for nursing & health care, in partnership with
    the california board of registered nursing, the chancellor's office for
    california community colleges and ucla school of nursing, is conducting
    a survey of new graduates to determine whether they have had difficulty
    finding employment.

    "the economic recession has created an unexpected and
    unprecedented situation," said deloras jones, rn, ms, executive director
    of cinhc. "experienced nurses who were expected to retire from the
    workforce have chosen not to, or in many instances, are working more --
    thus taking the jobs that new graduates expected to fill.

    "the current employment situation is expected to turn around quickly as the
    recession improves and california's unemployment rates drop," jones
    said. "we just need to know how new graduates are being impacted by this
    hiring dilemma."

    rns who are newly licensed in california in 2009 or the first quarter of 2010 will receive the letter from the brn.

    "it is very important that we know how severe the problem," jones said,
    adding that nurses can expect to receive the letter at the beginning of

    interesting news. bummer they are not asking graduates from mid-late 2008, such as myself. just recently i found a job that i think/hope/pray will last. although, not anywhere where i thought i'd be, it's good for now and i am very grateful that (i think) i finally found a position that is safe and ethical and willing to train me to be and feel safe, (i was beginning to think i would not find a job where i would be able to sleep at night!). also it's interesting to know that i personally wrote mrs. jones a letter, mid 2009, explaining my difficulties as a bsn new grad/old grad in finding a position, to which she replied that she had not heard of such a situation such as mine. i am glad to see that others have contacted her and that a survey is being perfomed to find out actual numbers. i'll be interested to see the results and what is done.
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  3. by   eeyorelov
    Too Bad it is only for Cali nurses, I should think every state would need to know!!!