UCSF Nurse Residency 10/2017

  1. I wanted to start a thread for the UCSF Residency Program applicants. I recently applied and the application is open until 4/17/2017. These forums give me some piece of mind, Hopefully we can help eachother out!
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  3. by   PBRN16
    I also submitted an application. When I looked at the website again today I learned that they extended the deadline to the 19th.
  4. by   happinurse35
    I applied as well. Does any one know how many they are planning to hire?
  5. by   Oakdene44
    I applied also! Wondering when we hear back.
  6. by   sandtrapRN
    I applied as well!
  7. by   scrubs212
    I applied also! I don't know much about when to we are supposed to hear back about our applications. Anyone know?
  8. by   LilTeapot
    Hi, I applied to the Perinatal and ICN units. Fingers crossed!
  9. by   L&D Minion
    Does anyone have a timeline as to when we should expect to hear back? I'm so antsy to know which way my application is going to go! Thank You!
  10. by   LilTeapot
    It's so hard to wait! From the flyer sent out by my nursing school:
    Respective Dates for the program
    • Applications will be accepted until Monday 4/17/2017
    • Interviews and Offers will be conducted between May and end of June 2017
    • Start date will be in a large cohort in early October 2017

    I also heard a rumor that calls for interviews won't go out until after May 1. But if anyone has an updated timeline, please share!
  11. by   evysz
    I applied to ICN and OR. I used to work there for a long time but not sure if that will get me any favors. I didn't upload a cover letter because there wasn't a place to upload it. My friend told me later that you can save cover letter and resume all in one file and upload it that way. Did NOT think of that....
  12. by   Peds_new_grad
    Hi Everyone!

    So glad I came across this forum. I spoke to a recruiter yesterday who said that within three weeks hiring managers will start to reach out to candidates they would like to interview for their unit.
  13. by   futureICUnurse1
    Can someone please tell me if this was for the bernioff children hospital or UCSF medical center. I had set up an account online for UCSF RN training/residency program and the system failed to notify me when the application became available. Also in the past UCSF has requested that you pass boards before applying did that change? What can i do now considering i missed the application time frame.
  14. by   WrightGirl2016
    The recent RN Residency was in fact for UCSF Medical Center, for both the Parnassus and Mission Bay locations. The deadline was April 17th and then extended until the 19th. I too had an account set up to be notified when positions became available, however I was not notified. I make it a habit to check the career pages of hospitals I want work at on a regular basis - which is how I learned of the residency (I know it's a moot point now). I honestly don't think there is much you can do at this point but unfortunately wait until they open it again next spring.

    To answer your other question, they allowed folks to apply without a license but the deadline to obtain it was Sept. 9, 2017 and a start date of Oct. 9, 2017.