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Hello! I am a new grad RN and was recently offered my first job (yay!) and I start orientation next week. I am located in a large, Midwest city with a competitive healthcare/nursing job market. I was hired as a staff RN on a... Read More

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    It used to be that our raises were based on personal performance. They have now moved to unit based performance. They look at falls, budget, patient satisfaction, turnover, etc. Then they look at whether the hospital as a whole is doing okay financially. Yeah, we aren't getting raises. I haven't set a personal goal for the last three years. They they wonder why no one is taking part in the committees. I received a raise a couple years back when I transferred hospitals. I did receive a cost of living increase last summer. Performance based raises--No.

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    I would think that you could have gotten a higher stariting rate in 2013. I would keep my eyes and ears open and start job shopping./
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    Why would there be a better starting rate for 2013? Do you feel things are starting to pick up?
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    The job market in my town is VERY saturated. It's extremely difficult for new grads to get hired, so I didn't feel like I was in a position to go in requesting higher pay. And, like I said, having been living on loans and part time jobs for years, I am super excited to be getting any kind of decent pay check! Thanks again for all the replies!

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