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Wow, I can't believe that when I joined this forum I had just decided to go back to school, and now, here I am 3 months away from graduating! So, just wondering...How long did you wait to take NCLEX after graduating and how long... Read More

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    Take NCLEX as quickly as possible after graduation.

    I was hired 3 months before I graduated for my first RN position. I graduated in December of 2011. Started my internship the last week of January 2012.

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    I took the NCLEX about a month after graduation. I wanted my studying and school knowledge of nursing to be fresh. I started working in early September of the same year.
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    I took my NCLEX 3 weeks after graduation and I got a nursing job 6 months after finishing school.
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    Accepted an internship position in April, graduated in May, started my internship in June, took NCLEX in July. Don't wait!
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    Graduated in May. Took NCLEX and became licensed in July. Started working in September.
    Good Luck!
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    Don't wait too long to take the NCLEX... do a good review but take it while the info is fresh in your head. I graduated mid December and took the NCLEX end of January on a Friday and started my job on Monday. I passed with 75 questions.
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    Bought an NCLEX book prior to graduating and once I graduated, I took it right away. Get it over with!! Best of luck!!
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    Graduated December 2012, RN program, took NCLEX January 2013, got my first job February 2013
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    Graduated March 2012, took NCLEX in May 2012. Landed an internship in October 2012, and got a job offer by Dec. of the same year.
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    I graduated December 14, 2012
    Took NCLEX the first available date which was February 4, 2013
    Just got hired yesterday (2/12/13)
    Start orientation next week.
    I started applying even before graduation because I knew it might take a while to get interviews and hired....and since I applied early, I knew I had to take NCLEX asap. Everything fell into place nicely
    Now I'm just scared and nervous to start my career!!!

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