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  1. Hello everyone! I live in Florida...of course the county I live in I have worked for the same health system/hospital for 8 years. First as a CNA-Advanced and now an RN on Med Surg Tele floor (same floor) for one year...I want to move to San Diego REALLY BAD...or the area...Im open to some other things, but have a 5 year old and need to be somewhat stable because it's really her and I at this time...a friend is working with American Mobile and only a nurse for a year and they placed her in Los Angeles and she has been there 4 months, and gets a GREAT hourly salary, and they give her a $2000 housing stipend...where she uses part for rent (800/month) and pockets the rest...and uses it for utilities, so technically she is getting everything for free to "live"...she said it is stable in that she has been able to stay in that area for 2 years now. She chooses to stay with travel because she is single and makes bank and that extra stipend...she will eventually find somewhere to sign on.

    I am looking for kind of the same thing...only 2 things are important...getting a travel spot in the area...and staying in the area even if all over it...because I do have my 5 year old who needs to be in school and around any child and their parent....and 2nd thing is to have a way to meet everyone in the area to find my pathway into PCU and then I need critical care experience to get into my CRNA program later in my life here. I'm finishing an online BAchelor's bridge program.

    Anyway...if you can help me with any life experiences...I would appreciate. Pls include travel agency name, and pay rate, and how they helped you get where you need to be...and was positive to work for with excellent pay and extra things.

    Thanks alot!
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    Try reposting this in the travel nurses forum and see if you can get some good advice there.