Torn rotator cuff one week before starting first nursing job :( - page 2

So, I was all ready to head to Texas from California to start my first nursing job in an emergency room... took almost a year to find a job. So long story short I fell on the stairs at home and tore... Read More

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    They expect you to go back to work after two weeks?!?! I think at 3 weeks I went to my first PT, just having them attempt to move my arm at all was so painful I saw my life flash before my eyes!
    Two months is probably not even going to be enough given the nature of what nurses do, it was 3 months before I was somewhat functioning again (had to let my nursing job go but got another one and started working 6 months after the injury) you will absolutely not be able to work in two weeks even if the tear was minimal, I can't speak for every rotator cuff repair but mine was extremely painful, didn't sleep for literally 9 weeks. This workers comp person is insane to tell you that, and even when you do go back your employer needs to figure out how to arrange light duty for you or they can count on having you go out again for a reinjury.

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