Took a new job with less than a year experience, scared to death!

  1. I have been in a combined level II/III NICU since January of 2008 and I had the typical new grad syndrome - dreading coming into work because I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves when I was first off of orientation and still feeling like I didn't know too much regarding unit P&P. I FINALLY felt a lot more comfortable and confident on the unit around July. The thing was that the unit was mostly level II and I am interested in level III kids as I want to go back for my NNP someday or do transport. My odl unit had transport for about a month or so, but that ended...and most of our micropreemies got shipped out because we lost our pedi surgeon and quit doing even PDA ligations. Additionally, the ownership of the first hospital has been up in the air for months and MANY people have been leaving the unit.

    I recently was offered a job at one of two hospitals in the area that we ship our kids. It's level III only and they do ECMO and .. pretty much everything. I'm scared to death to start because not only do I have to relearn a ton of P&P that are used in this unit and I don't know a soul there (it's >100 bed unit, the one I'm coming from usually had <30 babies), but there is a HUGE learning curve in that they are the ones critical kids get transferred to. I've never had a cardiac kid at my old job, for example.

    I don't want to go through the anxiety again like I did with the first position. If I do, is that normal for switching positions? I know most new grads go through it in the first year, but I'm curious as to if it happens with job changes. I know it might for me because I'm still in that first year (almost done with it, though!).