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Too early to ask about relocation assistance? Being flown in for interview.

  1. 0 After a phone interview, the hospital is flying me crosscountry so I can have an in person meeting with the manager and do some job shadowing with the nurses on the unit. I have no illusions that this is a sure thing, but the recruiter suggested that I take one of the days while I'm there to look into housing. Is it inappropriate of me to ask if relocation assistance (I'd definitely need it if they do offer me a job...) is available for new grads since I don't have a job offer? This is all very new to me, it'd be my first real job.

    Thank you.
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    where did you apply? and where are you from? id say that since they are flying you in from across the country it would be fine to ask about any assistance they may give if you ARE hired. There is nothing inappropriate with asking additional information=)
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    They will typically lay all their cards on the table when they present you with an offer. For example, you should get a typed paper saying we are offering you this position on this unit with a salary of x and $x relocation assistance. I would not ask about relocation money until you are offered a position! Once you know they want you, you can negotiate.
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    I can't believe there is somewhere that is flying a new grad across the country in this economy. Sounds promising if you ask me. Take it if they offer anything!
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