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Hi fellow nurses: I'm writing today just off of the worst shift I've had in quite a while. The patient load was fine, I had seven lovely patients, but somehow I just messed everything up... Read More

  1. by   babyktchr
    Let's face it. 5-7 really bites (either AM or PM). Madness always seems to ensue during that time, no matter how much you have prepared checked off or expected. The brain sheet I so agree with. After 22 years, I still use check boxes and write notes on my hands, scrub legs or post its. Sounds to me like you have a good case of "I wanna do everything right, so I will make myself nuts so I do". It also sounds to me like you are a fine nurse. It takes time to get your flow, and sometimes that ONE moment throws us off course, or makes us doubt ourselves. Learn from the moment and move on. I would investigate further the whole "you are a spaz" thing, though. Sometimes it is a good thing to "see" what others see in us. Sometimes it is a very enlighening experience. We are often oblivious to behaviors that can send out the wrong impression. I would clarify and get some specifics as to why folks are thinking this way. Maybe it is a perception thing, or maybe it is something you can certainly become aware of and change. In any case, take it as CONSTRUCTIVE and make the best of it.

    You are a rock star....keep up the great work!!!
  2. by   kChoRN
    Hi all, thanks for the suggestions. @Esme12, thanks for all those docs! I am going to try and incorporate them into my brain sheet. On my floor we get a Pt Card that prints out from the system w/ all the info you have on the Med-Surg sheet, then I print out the Med Sheets from screenshotting the eMake report.

    My personal brain sheet is one I developed in word. It was taken down before b/c I forgot that I had pt names/rooms on them. I'm posting the link below. Comments? SUggestions on how to improve it? I type it during my shift instead of writing by hand b/c I write illegibly sometimes when I think about stuff.

    In response to others, Esme12 again, you sound like my preceptors. I'm always running frantically across the floor -- Especially when I have 7-8 patients. When I have 5, I'm always fine and's something about 7. I have taken to sitting down and just breathing once and a while, it's been helping.

    I talked to my nurse manger about my feelings...she has said the same things you all have been saying. "8 months isn't enough to judge your own skills, you're doing wonderful, don't be so hard on yourself." I'll take all of your advice, I suppose...hah.

    I really appreciate the encouragement here, it's helped me to think about things a lot.
  3. by   Esme12
    Your brain sheet appear difficult to follow and frantic......really look at those I gave you tweak them. Your sheet looks like it is a lot of work just to use it.......a lot goes into just writing it up and in keeping up with it.

    SIMPLIFY! It will'll get it. You are like many other new grads. If I know what you are doing to your self and I don't KNOW you then you are exhibiting a normal behavior amongst new good to your self...((HUGS))