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I want to be a nurse. I have my license and cannot get a job for the life of me. My big problem is experience. I tried getting experience as a nursing assistant but I could not get a job because the places I applied to required... Read More

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    I am riding on my connections. My mother knows people who know ceo's, cfo's, cno's etc. I am hoping that works. My resume and cover letter were just sent to a recruiter on friday so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Much luck and let us know!!
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    If you have no reason that is anchoring you to where you live now, I would search for states that are in most need of nurses and start applying outside of your state. You need to get experience some how, and maybe moving out of state and living in somewhere remote for a year or two might get you the experience you need. There is A LOT to be learned at a rural hospital. I spent my first year as a nurse in a rural hospital and I learned SO MUCH. It may not be fancy and full of technology, but you will learn and that's going to be the way to get to where you want to be some day. If you are open to it, I would also consider finding employment outside of the hospital setting. Maybe you might like home health, school nursing, long term care, case management, a doctor's office or surgery center. Open your mind, and think outside the box. You CAN get a job, you just have to be open minded about experiences.
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    Yeah I am looking into doctor's offices too.
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    There is nothing wrong with me. I just got a job full time.
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    Awesome!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lol i bet it feels so good to be able to write that post! I cant wait to get a job and be able to post or text everyone with the good news!!! Good luck! Keep us updated.
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    Thanks. I ended up on a psych ward.
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    Hey nursedanny614! Congratulations on your job! Was it your mom who knew a connection that finally landed it for you? How did it go?
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    Yea her connection was involved. Yay mom lol. It was the first and only interview I got and I got the job for it.
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