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Surviving L&D as a New Grad?

  1. 0 Hey Everyone,

    I start a new position on a Labor and Delivery unit this week. Part of me is nervous, part excited. I was a Student tech previously on a medsurg/pedi unit and loved it. However, I always had the dream of working in Labor and Delivery.

    Now in nursing school we didn't get to do too much in our OB rotation except hold legs, rub back, and comfort the patient. All the Vaginal checks, maneuvers, and delivery preps were out of the question as a student. This is what has consumed my mind for the last two weeks.

    I guess my question is Does anyone have any L&D survival tips? Did I make a mistake going into a specialty?
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    Maybe the moderator can move this into the OB specialty section and you will get some response to this. Good luck!

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