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Super nervous about being a GN in ICU

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    I will be graduating in a few days from a bachelors nursing program and I already have a job in a Transplant ICU. I am sooo excited to finally be a nurse and looking forward to the challenges of ICU nursing. During my senior year I completed a precetorship in a CTICU and I absolutely loved it. I am not worried about not liking the job, but as I get closer to graudation and my start date I am becoming more and more nervous that I will be clueless when I get on the unit. Also, that I will not remember how to do things and look dumb or forget to do something and my patient dies. I have been having bad dreams about all of this too haha. Ahh I'm just pretty nervous. Any advice?

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    I would rather have a new grad shaking in their shoes then one who thinks they know everything. You don't really know anything, they don't expect you too and your preceptor will keep you from killing your patient. Be a sponge, ask questions admit that you're nervous and have a great ride!!!
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    take the longest preceptorship/orientation possible
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    you should feel clueless! you really don't know anything when you graduate! I finished my 18 week residency program in the ICU about 2 months ago, and I still feel clueless half the time!! Never be afraid to ask questions! It may seem like the dumbest question to you, but it could ultimately save someone's life! (and it never hurts to have somebody verify what you're already thinking!) good luck!!

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