Summer 2018 Dallas / DFW Nurse Residency GN

  1. I just wanted to start this tread to talk different residencies and GN positions in Dallas Fort Worth.
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  3. by   grace.unruh
    Hi! I am in the midst of applications for residencies. UT Southwestern does their's pretty early and they have already gone through interviews, waiting to hear back from them on that and wasn't sure how long it would take to hear back (getting nervous, it has been 8 days). Haven't heard back yet from Medical City, JPS, or Baylor. Let me know if you have heard anything!
  4. by   gortinacrunch, BSN, RN
    I was trying to apply to Medical City. Its been a few days and I haven't heard anything back.
  5. by   mh101
    the waiting game begins!