Still no job, maybe its my resume?

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    If anyone would like to give me ANY suggestions on my resume, I would greatly appreciate it. I need a job! I prefer L&D but I dont think I can be picky at this point.

    Thank you all!


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    Hi Brittanymarie,

    I'm sorry you are having a hard time, believe me I know how it can be. I just received my first offer for a med surg hospital position 7 months after graduation and passing boards. (Did a couple months of peds home health and still working at peds clinic meanwhile).
    I did refresh my resume' back in March-April with the help of the school I graduated from and gained success from doing so! I think the change definitely helped me land the job I have now and the one I just got. But I cannot access your resume', you need to hyperlink it!
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    Copy and paste it to the search ba
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    Apply to outpatient hemodialysis clinics. They'll hire you
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    Quote from Brittanymarie
    Copy and paste it to the search ba
    That won't work because you are linking to a file that exists only on YOUR c:/ drive (your computer hard drive) and no one else's. Go to a friend's computer and try cutting and pasting it into the search bar and you will see for yourself

    Try submitting the file as a post attachment or cut and paste your resume--after masking your personal info regardless of which way--into a post.
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