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I am still a student but I've been browsing for current RN openings in my area just out of curiosity. Almost every posting states "no new grads" or "no new grad program available". So my question is: Those of you who... Read More

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    This was an area I didn't feel well prepared for in school. We heard about nursing shortages... cover letters, resumes, interviewing... all of that was covered in our professional issues course. What was glossed over was how difficult it is to get anyone to even look at your resume. Like another poster mentioned above, here there is a system. HR gets your application 1st they then pick what they consider 'qualified' and send to the department hiring manager who also goes through a stack and chooses who they feel are 'qualified' and the select few make it to the supervisors desk. This was a nightmare for me. I understand the reasoning behind having 1yr of med/surg experience and agree that it's an excellent foundation to build skill but I never plan to work in any other field, why not train me, building those foundations in the area I will work? It's frustrating but I do know several from my graduating class who were persistent and patient and got what they wanted.

    Best wishes to you

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    Quote from dudette10
    Thank you, sweetie! I did make it through the HR phone interview--great HR person, and we were very comfortable with each other with side conversations while going through the structured screening process--and I have an interview with the NM next week. For a variety of reasons--facility location, specialty, nurse-patient ratio, etc.--this would be a dream job for me.

    Keep me updated. I am so excited for you. I talked to my manager about my best friend, she had her file pulled and she got a phone interview today, she will get the in person one now because it went well. I think I get just as excited for my friends as I did for myself. Prayers being said!
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    When I first started applying I only applied for new grad jobs but wasn't getting anywhere and started applying for just about everything. I just got hired for a position that had a requirement of 1yr neuroscience or critical care experience so sometimes you never know. During the interview the nurse manager told me that she loves new grads. Never hurts to try! Wish you luck!!
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    I find it quite interesting that alot of hospitals will specify jobs (especially with alot of the applications online now) that like "New Grads Not Accepted, or Will Not Be Considered" but then others that have no indication of it on the application and when it gets submitted they call back saying sorry not experienced enough. I dont know if its just regional around here in New England but alot of places I've heard from people dont like to hire new grads, and even some Med/Surg places are being sticklers about it, and some people without experience are going straight into Nursing Home or other sub acute areas for practice.
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    I know I'm reviving an old thread, but this is a good one.

    I also have a question. Did you apply to these jobs after or prior to licensure? And did the non-new grad RN jobs offer a reasonable orientation process? I know each place is different, but I'm just trying to get a feel for what's going on out there. Right now, I haven't gotten my license yet (graduated last month and waiting on ATT) and only applying to new grad jobs.

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