Scripps New Grad Residency Jan/March 2018 - page 36

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  1. by   AJ4991
    For those of you who got an offer for La Jolla (not DEU) and Chula Vista, did any of you get a call yet? Or an email requesting for a copy of your diploma/transcript?
  2. by   joaner83
    Quote from ksbt3289
    I just printed out the checklist, the letter that came with the offer (one we had to accept and digitally sign) and the I9 form.
    Mostly just to have it all just incase. My girlfriend is an HR manager as well and wants to see everything
    Where is the checklist and the I9 form? is that a different email? I only have access to the offer letter.
  3. by   ksbt3289
    It was a second email sent from the talent acquisition lead with the title "welcome to Scripps" and it was attached to the email as a word doc titled "pre-employment checklist".
    I got it a few minutes after I got off the phone with her
  4. by   joaner83
    I should call the lady back tomorrow. I didn't receive the second email but i remember her saying she would send more info.
  5. by   aatrowbridge5
    I got an offer for Scripps Mercy's trauma observation/ medsurg unit. I start Jan 8th. Already signed the electronic offer, did the background, and received the check list. They told me they wouldn't contact me until mid December to schedule an appointment to start the new hire paperwork.