School hasn't mailed in our applications! (VN)

  1. I graduated an LVN program recently. Our last day of school was May 13 and graduation was the 18th.

    No one from my class has heard ANYTHING from the boards at all. We have called and they say they haven't received anything from Kaplan and they have no record of us. They said once they have, it will only be 3 weeks or so until we can take our NCLEX. The DON at our campus said she mailed it in. We are concerned because she is new and she came from a different state and knew nothing about LVN's or how to apply for our licenses in our state. She had to google everything. Our school has been an unorganized mess since day one.

    Is there anything we can do? I was going to go to Kaplan tomorrow and try to get my transcripts and whatever else the board needs and just submit my application myself. Unfortunately the board website says "Instructions are on file with each school. Applications must be submitted by the Director of your Nursing Program. Contact your program director for application instructions and forms." so it doesn't sound like we CAN submit our applications ourselves. We are all so beyond frustrated. Another VN program in our area doesn't graduate until October and they already have their test dates in December!!

    What can we do when our school says they mailed our apps and the board says they didn't????

    Please help!
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  3. by   bloodlikefire
    short answer: their is not much you can do.

    it took my school 2 months to send in our applications because one of the students did not turn in her all of her stuff. all of the applications must be turned in together and by the school. use the time to study your nclex-rn book and don't over think your questions. in a year, you will never ever think about the short delay.