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I know that as a new nurse within the first three months of orientation you're not going to learn and see everything. And this I understand. But at this point in orientation I do not feel as though I've done much and I feel as... Read More

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    Quote from TaniqueRN
    Thanks very much dudette10. Tonight will be my first time on the night shift. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. But I do hope to learn at a better pace on the night shift. On the day shift, I didn't get much downtime, especially during the weekdays. Just so I wouldn't stay later, I would spend my lunch time charting assessments and writing notes. But I'm really going to try and give it my all.
    Going to nights helped me. It may start out hectic, but it will oftentimes slow down after that initial med pass. I feel much more competent after a few months on nights

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    Can I just add in that I have been feeling the same way and have begun to question whether I want to stay at my job or not. I have found myself going home with tears streaming down my face on several occasions. The culture on my floor is so aggressive. They expect to grow their nurses over night. My preceptor sounds similar to yours. That is where the problem towards my learning experience is occurring except that I am getting ridiculed and torn apart for not knowing everything. Or not being able to critically think through everything. They expect you to be like them right away while not taking the steps to teach or at least provide a learning ground. But here is the real icing on the cake, I am 10 weeks on an a floor with heavy acuity [our pts are what ICU pts would be at other facilities] and am expected to juggle 6-7 of them.. and because i have not reached their expectations throughout my orientation.. i am being faced with the possibility of being LET GO. Now mind you, I can see if I was making errors etc, but its over the fact that i am not where they expect me to be right now. for that, i am being told that they think my floor is too much for me to handle.. and here's the cherry on top: ive worked at this hospital for 5 yrs while i was attending nursing school. its heart breaking. i never had the notion that orientation would be such an employment "trial" phase based on what i've described. again, if it were errors etc or conduct issues, thats completely understandable. But there is not a single thing I'm doing wrong except for the fact that im having the typical troubles any other new grad would have. im just so disheartened with what im facing at a place i used to feel so passionate toward. its unreal.
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    The transition from nursing student to practicing nurse is notoriously difficult and stressful. Back in the Dark Ages, when I graduated, we started out expecting that our first year of practice was going to be miserable, and we just needed to hunker down and get through it and things would get better. For some reason, schools have stopped making this clear to students, and now new nurses commonly think that there is something wrong with them, or they're being horribly mistreated by their employer, when they're miserable and stressed out a few months into their first job (students also used to graduate much better prepared for the realities of entering practice -- but that's another whole conversation). OP, I'm not making light of your concerns or situation -- but some of it is just necessary and unavoidable. If you leave this job and start another, you'll be starting over again and it will just take you that much longer to get over the hump and start to feel comfortable and reasonably competent. I am sympathetic for your situation (I remember how awful I felt when I was just starting out), but, the longer you keeping slogging along and getting stuff done, the better things will get. Best wishes for your journey!
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    I know this is like 3 months late. But how is it going now? Did you change units?

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