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Preventing morning nausea?

  1. 0 Hey everybody, sorry if this is a redundant topic...

    I'm a new-ish nurse on day shift 7-7, and just to be clear, I do prefer day shift. But I get horrible nausea in the mornings, so much so that I can barely get half down half a piece of dry toast and some coffee. I know how important it is to eat breakfast; not eating something in the mornings is practically asking to have one of those days where you don't get lunch until 4. I've tried changing up the food to bland/dry, changing coffee to just a protein smoothie (that made it worse), drinking more water before bed...and the last thing I tried was an antiemetic, meclizine, which is supposedly "less drowsy" than Dramamine but ended up turning my head into cotton. Is there another medication or routine I can try that'll get rid of the nausea but help me preserve my awakeness? I'm at a bit of a loss.
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    Have you tried speaking with your primary care provider to determine if there is a medical cause to your morning nausea? As per the terms of service of this site Terms of Service for Nurses | Nursing Students we cannot offer medication suggestions nor can we request/provide any medical advice. The best source of treatment options (medication or dietary) really is your medical provider as they should know your history and current situation best.

    I hope you find a solution to your current dilemma, especially since you seem to enjoy the early morning shift.