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I am a new grad RN (Aug 2012) and have somehow managed to get a job on the MedSurg/Tele Unit in an acute care hospital in Southern California!!! WooHoo! My start date is in 2 weeks. Now what?!? School has prepared me for the... Read More

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    Congrats! I would look up "brain sheets" on this site and tailor them to your needs. It will help you organize your day. As someone mentioned, sharpies! For labeling IV lines, dressings, feeding tubes etc. Good luck! Keep us posted Its exciting seeing a fellow new grad get a hospital position if that's their goal.
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    How many pairs of shoes should I have? i have two, but only wear one. I purchased some "odor absorbing" insoles. It sounds gross to talk about sweaty, stinky feet. But lets face it. we are on our feet for 13 hours/day. The shoes we wear allow for little breathing. your feet and shoes begin to STTTTINK! so purchase a good pair of odor absorbing insoles to put in your shoes. they are cheap, actually very comfortable and will save your shoes/feet and socks. Dr. Scholls sells them, i know there are other brands but i've been very happy with Dr. Scholls.
    Socks vs stockings? Its a preferance thing. I prefer socks. I purchased a pair of stockings (im assuming your talking about compression stockings). I found i got insanly itchy at the end of the day. It drove me insane, i'd rather deal with swollen/sore feet than the itchiness they caused.
    How many sets of scrubs? I have about 6 sets of scrubs. Working 3 days/week (12 hour shifts) the most you'll ever work in a row is 6 days (ex: Friday, Saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday wednesday assuming monday is a new work week). So you should be ok with 6. Doesn't hurt to purchase an extra pair to keep in your locker for those unfortunate days. Another word of advice...KEEP YOUR RECIEPT FOR SCRUB PURCHASES!!!! come 2013 tax season you will be able to write these off as tax deducations. I didn't do it and i regret it.
    Tools of the trade: Stethoscope, mini calculator, scissors, flashlight, drug book, and pens: Stethoscope for sure, scissors are helpful but you can survive without it. Drug and ACLS book (i keep it in my cubby). I also keep a box of those cheap click pens in my locker. DOn't use ones with caps because you will loose the cap and ink will ruin your scrubs quickly. Don't purchase nice pens, or those ones that look like will lose your pens!!! So just purchase a big bag of those cheap ones. Calculators are avaliable on computers so not necessary. We have flashlights avaliable in every room, but honestly i don't use it that much. Helpful to have one? Yes, but you could keep it in your locker and cubby. It's alot to carry around with you.
    When you get on for the first day...stock up on alcohol swabs!!! you will go through them like potatoe chips.
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    Quote from That Guy
    Bring everything in a backpack.
    And in that back pack have an extra set of scrubs, panties, and socks, all in a plastic (water proof) bag. Just do it. You will find out why soon enough.
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    If strong odors make you a little queasy at times bring a small jar of Vicks VapoRub to keep in your locker. I have had to use mine a few times. Place a small amount under your nose or inside your mask.
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    Thank you again, everyone, for your advise, suggestions, recommendations, and encouragement! I'm off and running next week! I'll post an update after that..... IF I survive ~ LOL!!!!
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    Quote from dah doh
    mini sharpie
    QFT. I loooove my mini sharpies. I have a red and a black hanging on my lanyard and I use them for marking samples, noting abnormals, writing notes, whatever. Super handy. Target carries them, and maybe WM, I'm not sure.
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    I have survived my first 5 shifts on the floor - YAY!!! And so far, so good ~ I'm loving every insane/crazy minute of it !! I really appreciate all the great information everyone gave me in preparation for this big event! Your encouragement, feedback, recommendations and support were greatly appreciated!

    Concerning scrubs, I bought 3 different pairs, each one a different style, to see which ones I liked the best (found out the more pockets the better) so now I know what brand I want more of! Have lost (and found) 1/2 a dozen pens and love having my own sharpie and white board markers. Only took the basics on the floor with me (stethoscope, penlight, scissors & hemos) and left the rest in my locker.

    Bought good othro inserts for my shoes (and broke them in), and so far, so good (feet are tired but not sore - woohoo!)! Still trying to figure out how to get enough water during my shift (not allowed to have any on the floor) but since I haven't yet figured out how to get time to pee, it's all balancing out pretty well - HAHAHA!!! Learned the first day that eating breakfast BEFORE work is a must as I dodn't get a break longer than needed to pee until 6-8 hours into my 12 hour shift. In orientation they said we were allowed 10 mins every 2-3 hours, but I'm not stupid enough to walk off the floor unless my preceptor does! Will be SO glad when flu season is over, they tell me it's not usually this insane/crazy (yeah, right, this is Med/Surg).

    Haven't needed to use them yet, but I have a spare set of scrubs/clothes from the skin out (I've heard some pretty harry stories) stashed in my locker, and I'm taking notes, and asking questions like crazy! Doing my best to listen before I speak, and not try to act like I know everything (cause I certainly don't!) LOVE my preceptor (whew) and have had not incidents or indications that they serve up New Grads for dinner on my unit, but it's still early days yet!

    Will post an update again when my orientation is up in 6 weeks to let you all know how I faired. Thank you again, everyone!!!

    Take care!!!
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    Quote from TX.RN.Shannon
    If it's a med surg/tele floor, get ready to hustle!
    It is, and boy do we!!!

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