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Plights of the new nurse

  1. 9 Fear and stress are no such bless but are the rush I seem to feel

    I finally see, that indeed, the new grad blues are very real.

    Looking dumb and feeling slow are the only things I seem to know.

    When will I pass this such phase and exit the daunting new grad maze?

    When will I hone my nursing skills and not like I'm drowning plum up to my gills?

    When will I become competent and start to feel halfway confident?

    Where is the day of fruition when I find my nursing intuition?

    When will I prove myself to you and finally become one of the crew?

    Is it normal to have such struggle? Should I be having this much trouble?

    Drudging through this humbling time consumes with worry my anxious mind.

    Will I catch on and know what to do or will I freeze up and not have a clue?

    With each patient I can't help but worry; will I be explaining my care to a judge and a jury?

    Regardless of matter or how hard I try I'm eventually deduced to a self-pity cry.

    I'm told my fears are normal, benign and that things will improve- just give it some time.

    So until the splendor of that wonderful day- it is for guidance and strength I will continue to pray

    For all the new nurses feeling stressed and alone- allow some time to come into your own.

    For what is worth and what I hear, it is pure hell the very first year
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    Screw nursing, you need to be a writer!!!! Less stress, too!