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    Just bombed a phone interview My last one was so great (for a different hospital)... I felt like we really established a rapport. But this one, she was not as receptive/conversational.. it was basically a Q&A... which made me super nervous.

    I really wanted this job too. They said they will notify me by e-mail... does this mean I'm not getting it? (The only other phone screening I did, she offered to schedule the nurse recruiter and nurse manager interview at the end of our phone screening...)

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    Keep your chin up Sensei. I don't think their saying they'll email you is a definite no. Every institution does things differently, right? I had a phone interview where they emailed me a personality test afterwards and I wound up getting an interview, so have hope and good luck!
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    Thanks Expat! I still have my fingers crossed... but I have another interview at a different hospital so we'll see how that goes...