Passed my PBDS!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to share that I passed my PBDS and do not have to repeat! There is just not enough time to watch the videos and write everything down in the given time frame. Nothing could have prepared me for that. IMHO, you are prepared for it or your not. I was not, but somehow I passed! I am beyond happy and just so thankful I do not have to repeat it at the end of my internship!

    So excited and just wanted to share the good news!

    jadu1106, RN

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  3. by   noyesno
    Congrats jadu1106!

    I have to do the PBDS as a part of my orientation. I don't know that much about it. Any tips or pointers you'd like to share?
  4. by   noyesno
    I just searched PBDS here on allnurses and oh, my! I did not realize this was a widely used assessment tool. From the posts, I've put together a little study guide of things to look over.

    Input still welcomed though.

    Congrats again on passing!
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  5. by   koalafiedRN
    I passed my assessment test as well. I wanted to cry the whole time I was taking it, but somehow I got through it. I found there was an adequate enough time to write my answers, because you either know what you're doing or you don't. However I found the videos to be obscure and vague. Another nurse was taking it with me but she didn't make it and has to drive all the way back to where she came from. Next time I accept an assignment if I have to take this test again I will make sure I study common med-surg emergencies. Hopefully I don't get the lovely opportunity of taking this test again. Best wishes to anyone who has to take this test and pass in order to get a travel assignment.
  6. by   noyesno
    I was told, "you do not have to be reassessed." I guess this means I passed?

    Thanks Jadu1106!
  7. by   yingying50
    pls tell me where to find it i had never heard of it and now have to do it to get a job thanx