Palmetto Richland New Nurse Residency

  1. I have applied to Richland's new nurse residency for; medsurg, critical care, and WNS. Has anyone had any experience with these residencies? Or know anything about them from people who went through it?
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  3. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    Hello! I just applied for Richland's as well in the ED, med surg, and critical care!
  4. by   Adrienne.Russell
    The requirements on the website are a little confusing about the references. I emailed the recruiter and the residency manager. One said to have the references email it now and the other said after a phone interview HR would send a link for the references. What did you do about references? I want to make sure I have everything right so fingers cross I get an interview.
  5. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    I already had my phone interview and have interviews for my top three choices! Once you finish your phone interview, they will email you on how to send your clinical references and everything like that.
  6. by   lel08
    I have applied as well. In person interviews coming up. I was curious if you guys applied for other RN positions at the hospital? I applied to a few and seem to be denied for everything other than the residency program. I am not from SC, and this is not what I was expecting, hospitals where I am from hire new grads for other units. I am not really sure what to expect and was hoping to get some insight.
  7. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    Lel08 what units did you apply for? I think they really want you to go through their residency program as a new grad. I have only applied to their residency program.
  8. by   lel08
    I have applied to a varied of positions, at palmetto from med surg to ICU. I heard from someone that you can't really Tier 1 RN as a new grad, only the grad residency or outpt. I was wondering if there is any truth to this (where I am originally from this is not the case, new grads get hired all the time). I have the interviews for the ED and Critical Care coming up, very excited and nervous. I really want this to work out. Hopefully we will all get accepted
  9. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    That's great! I'm not sure, but it seems like they want you to go through their residency programs. Me too! My critical care is April 13th and ED April 20th via skype (I like in Arizona and I graduate at the end of April). I also have one for medsurg this month! I'm super nervous. I don't know what to expect! Yes good luck to you all and maybe we will coworkers in the future!
  10. by   Adrienne.Russell
    From what I've heard they like for their new nurses to have at least 10 months experience or either a graduate of the residency program. Preparing for my interviews now. Super nervous. I haven't heard anything else about their residency programs.
  11. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    Anyone have their interviews yet!?
  12. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    Any updates?!
  13. by   Adrienne.Russell
    Had my phone interview but my in person interview isn't until next month. Anyone else?
  14. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    My interviews are not until next month either. Which academies are you applying for? My roommate's interview is tomorrow for med surg and mine isn't for a month.