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New grad starting night shift. First shift was Sunday and I came home and slept 16 hours. How do I adjust. Is it easier to work 3-12's in a row or scattered out? I'm also a mom of small children.... Read More

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    The best way to adjust IMO is by not ever going back to sleeping at night unless it's a really special situation, like a family vacation or something. I find that I can still get stuff done after I wake up in the evening. Department stores and such don't usually close 'til around 10 or 11 at night here and some grocery stores are open 24 hours, so late shopping is not a problem. I can imagine it would be hard to do this with children, though...

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    I like working three twelves in a row. I have enough days off in a row to sleep and then I am ok for my other days off.
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    I'm going to night shift soon 7pm to 7am I hope to get 3 in a row, I worked nights before only when I worked doubles, my biggest is getting my room dark? Tips and tricks to being a day sleeper would be greatly appreciated
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    2 nights on, 3 if absolutely necessary. Buy some room darkening shades for your bedroom. Turn off the phone. Get a "white noise" machine or use a fan to drown out sounds. Most importantly, friends/family need to realize that their 2 in the afternoon is your 2 in the morning. A few phone calls to them at 2 am might be needed in order to make your point. Try to take a nap before going in your first night makes it feel more normal to wake up, have some coffee, and go to work. I have been on nights for 10 years (except for one dreadful year spent on 3-11) and i love working nights.
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    I work 11 am to 11pm now and u feel like I never see my kids I'm hoping nights will be better for my family
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    I not long ago did 6wks of nightshift straight. I've found that when I have severe periods of insomnia it's better for me to be doing something then sleep when I get home wake up 2-3hrs before I start do housework (I'm a single lady) and then go....also do shopping online and pre cook meals
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    I also work night, 11p-7a, for the past year and I can't get on a schedule to save myself! I go home and am usually in bed asleep by 9 and I will try to set the alarm for 6:30 or so but I hit snooze until 10p. All I want to do is sleep. I'm really starting to get depressed and hate my nursing job.
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    I work 11-7 , for nine months now, I'm used to it but I live in a world where.I can't sit through a movie without taking a nap in the middle, no matter how much sleep I get. I still feel good but I know I' healthier on days. That being said, I always have my evenings and never wake up to an alarm. Booyah day shifters. It's.a lifestyle, I guess...
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    I worked my first night, I came home showered and hit the bed, I felt I was in a deep sleep until about 1230 then every little noise woke me up, I have a white noise app on my phone, so I cranked it up and continued to try sleep until 1600, now it's time to go back to my kids are home for the summer....and I need suggestions on getting full sleep or will it just take time? I might have to send to grandmas for the summer

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